Panel 3 Tuesday 27 March, 09.00 – 11.00

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Panel 3a The Media and the Arab Uprisings

Chair: Roger Hardy, LSE

Panellist 1: Lindesy Hilsum, Channel 4

Panellist 2: Jonathan Steele, The Guardian

Panellist 3: Zaki Chehab, Editor-in-Chief,

Panel 3b Narratives of the Uprisings and the (Re)production of Structural Flaws in International Involvement

Chair: Dr Francesco Cavatorta, Senior Lecturer in the School of Law and Government, Dublin City University

Paper 1: The EU Response to the Egyptian Uprising: Social, Economic and Political Rights in Post-Uprising EU Narratives of Democracy
Dr Andrea Teti, Lecturer in International Relations and Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Violence Research Cluster, University of Aberdeen

Paper 2: A Comparative Discourse Analysis of US and Scandinavian Perspectives on the Egyptian Uprising and Impact on Democracy-Assistance Policies
Darcy Thompson, Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Middle East Studies, University of Lund (co-authored with Christopher Noble)

Paper 3: Egyptian Perspectives of Western Democracy-Promotion: The Role of the Left
Dr Gervasio Gennaro, Lecturer in Middle East Politics, Macquarie University (Sydney) & The British University in Egypt (Cairo)

Paper 4: The International’s Impact on Revolutionary Situations: The Cases of the 1908 Constitutional Revolution in the Ottoman Empire, the 1979 Revolution in Iran and Egypt in 2011
Dr Derya Göçer Akder, Instructor, Middle East Technical University

Paper 5: Re-Thinking U.S. Relations with the WANA Region: An Analysis of Policies, Discourses and Practices in Light of the ‘Arab Spring’
Dr Corinna Mullin, Lecturer in Comparative and International Politics, SOAS

Panel 3c Gulf Economies in Transition

Chair: Dr Christian Steiner, Research Associate, University of Frankfurt

Paper 1: Dubai’s Crisis Revisited – Dubai after the Crisis?
Dr Christian Steiner, Assistant Professor, Department of Human Geography, University of Frankfurt

Paper 2: Economic Integration from a Country Perspective: Oman in the Gulf Cooperation Council
Dr Steffen Wippel, Senior Researcher, Zentrum Moderner Orient

Paper 3: From Oil to Tourism. An Overview of Economic Diversification in the GCC
Professor Byan Loughrey, University of Hertfordshire (co-authored with Heba Aziz, Edith M Szivas and Lubna Al Mazroei)

Paper 4: The GCC’s ‘Demographic Imbalance’:  Perceptions, Realities and Policy Options
Dr Ingo Forstenlechner, Adviser, Federal Demographic Council, Abu Dhabi and Associate Professor, United Arab Emirates University

Panel 3d ‘Neo-Ottomanism’?: National and International Dimensions of Shifts in Turkish Foreign Policy

Chair: Dr Sedef Arat-Koç, Ryerson University

Paper 1: Neo-Empire, Middle Power or Subcontractor for Imperialism? ‘Neo-Ottomanism’, Shifts in Geopolitics and Turkey’s Foreign Policy
Dr Sedef Arat-Koç, Ryerson University

Paper 2: Neo-Ottomanism as an Aspect of the ‘Regression of Democratic Politics’
Dr Nuray Mert, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul University

Paper 3A Pax Turca in the Middle East? Turkey’s Entry into 21st Century Geopolitics
Dr Clemens Hoffmann, Department of International Relations, University of Sussex (co-authored with Can Cemgil)

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