Panel 7d Routledge Workshop: How to Get Published in Academic Journals and Books

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Chair: Dr Hendrik Kraetzschmar, Lecturer in Middle East Politics, University of Leeds

Panellist 1: Adam Leary, Managing Editor, Routledge Middle Eastern studies (Journals)

Panellist 2: Joe Whiting, Editor, Routledge Middle East and Islamic studies (Books)

Panellist 3: Professor Fortna Benjamin (SOAS), Series Editor, Routledge Studies on the Middle East

Panellist 4: Professor Gillespie Richard (University of Liverpool), Editor, Mediterranean Politics

Panellist 5: Professor Netton Ian (University of Exeter), Editor, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies and Series / Culture and Civilisation in the Middle East and Routledge Sufi Series

A workshop / Q&A session to give advice on how to get published in academic journals and books. During this session, each panellist will give a brief introduction explaining their perspective on the subject, opening it up to questions.

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